Typical Workstation Computer

Computer prices for hardware are constantly changing and we use currently available parts, all brand new, to build our computers.  Since publishing our website we may use better, faster, and newer components.  Please call our sales department for a current detailed quote and to discuss your needs.

We charge $650 for our basic workstation machine.  Currently (2010) an AMD dual core 2.5-3Ghz chip, Asus motherboard, 4 gigs of DDR2 Ram, 500 Gig Western Digital hard drive, DVD lightscribe Burner, base keyboard, mouse and speakers, Windows 7 64 bit Professional version O/S, and Office 2007 professional.

None of our computers have trialware, crapware, adware, and other annoying software that large manufacturers include in their machines.  Our machines come with genuine Microsoft software and include fully functioning self renewing virus and spyware protection.

All of our workstations come with a life time hardware warranty*(lifetime warranty available only on computers that are covered by our maintainence contract)