Our service program is excellent for businesses that have multiple computers in their office.  Our experience in visiting various businesses exposes a serious lack of normal maintenance concerning their computers.  Just like a car there are processes that need to be run on a regular basis in order to keep your computers running efficiently.

Most businesses grow into mature and busy offices as time goes by and due to the increased volume of work you may not be able to keep up with the maintenance tasks required by your computer network.  It’s needless to explain how frustrating and costly it can be when your computers are not running properly.  We have designed this program so that it is a win-win situation.

The details of the program are as follows – Every computer needs to have the following software and processes installed and run on a regular basis

1. Spyware protection & regular scanning
2. Virus protection and regular scanning
3. System Updates (windows, Java, etc)
4. Clean out temp files that accumulate.
5. Defrag the hard drive
6. Some type of data backup

These necessary processes get overlooked in most businesses until it’s too late because they take a lot of time. The typical virus scan or hard drive defragmentation can take hours or more. No one is going to sit around and wait for this to take place while they are at work, especially since their computer is unavailable for work during that time. While it is possible to run these tasks right before leaving most people just turn off their screen and leave the office like the place is on fire. No employee feels that it is their responsibility to administer the computer network or maintain their machine and if they found a virus or spy-ware infection they aren’t sure how to respond properly. Most businesses can’t afford to call in their computer vendor (since most small businesses don’t have their own IT dept) to sit around the office at $100/hour while the computers are scanning themselves and no one is able to work, that’s ridiculous. 

Our service program costs $20 per machine per month – if you break it down that’s about $3 for each item on the list of which some take more than an hour to complete. In addition, we provide updated  and current versions of Virus and Spyware software costing $75 or more per year per machine at no additional charge.  A remote access connection is set up to all your machines in the office.  Then outside of regular business hours (evenings, weekends) we connect to your network and run all the processes listed above so that your staff are never inconvenienced and their computers are kept running at peak efficiency.

Most importantly if a covered machine breaks down due to a hardware failure we will arrange for a loaner computer while the necessary repairs or parts are being made or ordered. This way your employees can continue working instead of rushing out to buy a brand new computer in order to keep someone working.

As an added bonus since the remote connection is now established and functioning on all the computers, should an issue arise with a machine that a user can’t solve or technical support is needed, as long as the problem is not inability to use the internet, remote assistance is available (as if we are in the office sitting in front of the machine) without requiring a visit. Short quick issues are resolved with no additional charge.

You can also take advantage of the remote capabilities now installed to access your own machine from home. Perhaps there is a document you need to review or a file you forgot to email to yourself, etc.; as long as you have internet access you can log into your machine in your office from any computer.

In addition, we are always looking into the latest methods and threats facing todays computerized office so you don’t have to. Should some new worm or virus or patch come out and need to be addressed immediately you won’t be finding out about it because you became infected or compromised. You’ll be talking to your associates telling them “my computers are fine”

While no one can address every problem you may encounter it will prevent issues that will arise should you chose to ignore the necessary tasks listed above and of course we are always available for telephone support if you do have a problem.  Once you give our service plan some serious consideration and discuss it you will decide to implement.